Kamla Nehru Mahavidyalaya


  • To support Teaching-Learning process.
  • To inculcate reading habits.
  • Introduce innovative schemes and services.
  • Updating the stock of documents.
  • To satisfy user's needs to optimum level.


Carpet Area 3703 Sq Ft
Reading Room Area 2500 Sq Ft
Reading Room Capacity 150 Students


Sr. No Particulars Number
1. Total collection of Books 44227
Donated Books 2051
2. E-resources- N-List Database From 2011 Onwards
3. Non- Book material 675
Audio-video CD’s 983
4. Total Journals & Periodicals 233
5. Magazines 07
6. News papers 16
7. Reference books 1424
8. Project/Dissertation 477



All the facilities are available during the working days between 08:30 am to 04:30 pm
** Separate seating arrangement for Girls, Boys and Staff members.


  • LIB-MAN package procured in March 2002
  • Database of all books is updated.
  • In-house operations like Acquisition, Circulation, and OPAC automated.
  • Bar coding of all books for maintaining speed and accuracy.



  • 116 Members of N-LIST INFLIBNET Database from 2011.
  • Article Indexing of Physics Journals for the year 2012 with OPAC search.
  • Circulation of reading material including Text books, Journals & Magazines.
  • Reading room facility.
  • Lending facility during examination period against deposit.
  • Documents lent to departments on regular basis.
  • Inter library book loan scheme.
  • Book Bank Scheme.
  • Reprographic service, in-house.
  • Current Awareness Service.
  • Reference and Referral service.
  • Bibliographies for research.
  • Internet facility available for students.
  • A small step to outside membership i.e. Special Deposit Scheme for outside researchers & Students.


  • Open Access facility provided for faculty & PG students and other beneficiaries.
  • Access is closed to other students though open on special occasion.